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OPTI-M Sports Solutions


OPTI-M Sports Solutions
specialises in customised sports specific exercise and training solutions.
These exercise solutions are designed with 2 specific goals in mind:
1.Preparation of the BODY for unique physical demand of sport activity based on:
♦ Nature of the game
♦ Environmental conditions
♦ Human variables

2.Preparation and enhancement of PLAYERS to a level:
♦ Capable of withstanding physical demand
♦ Decreasing the risk of injuries

THUS Resulting in:
♦ Superior physical conditioning fostering psychological strength profile
♦ Enhanced long term health (post participation period)

The OPTI-M equation:
Conditioning + Effective Training + Effective Recovery/Rehabilitation = ENHANCED PERFORMANCE

OPTI-M & Solutions

OPTI-M and utilise the same range of equipment and experts, the difference being the OPTI-M focus on sports specific training. The solution addresses the general health and wellness aspects.

The OPTI-M solution is targeted at specific sports codes. Fitness and conditioning programs aimed at those specific sports are part of our solution.

The Solution also includes a basic exercise program for people with disabilities, this is a general training program designed to keep the individual fit and healthy!

OPTI-M focuses on customised functional exercises that enable the individual to enhance his/her conditioning and increase strength levels with the ultimate result of enhancing performance levels.

OPTI-M has developed a patented Neck Strenghthening Solution. This solution is Currently in use at WP Rugby Institute. Please read the attached article which was placed in "die Burger" as well as "Beeld" [Nekbeseerings finaal in JIP]

SA PATENT NR: 2009/02324
SA PATENT NR: 2009/02324


“The ‘OPTI-M Neck Solution’ is a functional training apparatus that is cost effective. The ‘OPTI-M Neck Solution’ can be used for pre-season strengthening programs as well as rehabilitation programs following a neck injury. The beauty of the product is that it allows a player to strengthen the muscles of the neck and shoulder in all the planes around which normal movement occurs – by this I mean you can adapt exercise to strengthen muscles in the sagittal plane (forwards and backwards), lateral plane (side – side) as well as the rotational plane.”
Clint Readhead – 2007 World Cup Springbok Physiotherapist

“The best and most multi-functional conditioning and rehabilitation apparatus I have ever used. Applications of the apparatus as part of a well defined program are endless”
Johan van Wyk - IRB Physical Trainer, Physiotherapist WP Rugby Institute

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